The Thermodo Playoff

The Thermodo Playoff

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Laaaaadies & Gentlemen! I'm proud to introduce the official Thermodo Playoff! Take a look at the rules below and play ball to win swanky prizes.

We think ultra local temperature measurements and shiny gadgets are really cool, which is why we launched the Thermodo Kickstarter campaign. This playoff is about celebrating creativity and rewarding designers with some cool prizes while helping drive some exposure to the campaign (it is fundraising after all). The contest ends Tuesday April 9th at 12:00 CET. You will all be part of the judging, as the winners will be decided by the amount of likes on each shot. The shots with the most support wins when the clock runs out.

✔ Rebound this shot (Only rebounds will be counted)
✔ Include or involve Thermodo in some way in your shot. I have attached the Thermodo glyph and logo, but particular use of those are not a requirement. Think about temperature and be creative.
✔ Include a link to the Kickstarter campaign ( in your shot description (required)
✔ Like your favorite shots to help us pick a winner

★ 1st Place: One Premium anodized aluminium Thermodo
★ 2nd Place: One White Thermodo
★ 3rd Place: One Black Thermodo

All winners will also get Robocat Stickers & virtual hugs from the team.

Learn more about these rewards on the kickstarter page. Expected to ship in August 2013.

Good game everyone! Now Play Ball!

**** Playoff is over ****

Aaaaaand the results are IN!

Thank you all for participating in this little playoff. Let's take a look at the winners!

On the 3rd place, we have Joe Kennedy with his awesome analogy The Thermodometer. Joe Will be receiving a Black Thermodo this fall along with a Robocat Sticker.

On the 2nd place we have Franz Bruckhoff with his mesmerizing Sensor. Franz will be getting a White Thermodo this fall along with a Robocat Sticker.

And on the unquestionable 1st place we have Diego Monzon with his Animation for the Thermodo playoff! With a huge leap ahead of his competitors. He even compounded his victory with his second shot Thermodo Red! Well done! He'll be getting a Premium Thermodo along with a Robocat sticker this fall.

All winners will be contacted for shipping details. Thank you everyone for playing along and goodnight!

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10 Rebounds

  1. Animation for The Thermodo Playoff
  2. Thermodo - Red
  3. Sensor ツ
  4. The Thermodometer


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