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This was originally intended as a rebound to @Rovane Durso's music player shot, but kinda turned into a thing of its own, hence me posting it independently. Anyway, this is my version of a simple audio player widget; in case it's unclear, the image in the back is the current song's album artwork.

Something that made working on this interesting is the fact that I decided to go with a somewhat unusual icon size of 15px, due to the inability to space the List icon's rectangles consistently at a 16px scale. As you normally try to avoid uneven dimensions, this made creating the icons (prominently Shuffle and Repeat) an interesting experience, as you have completely different alignment possibilities.

Also, I was a little unsure about the dividers between the playback controls in the bottom section; here's a version without them. Which one do you prefer?

If you've really made it through all of the text above, you definitely deserve the PSD. Grab it here! If someone hasn't had his share of player widgets yet, rebounds welcome.

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