I have been interested in computer and web development for a long time. During school, I would tinker around with computers and also got the opportunity to learn the basics of C++. This sparked an interest in me to know more about the field of web development.

As a Tech enthusiast, my passion for computers and coding grew in the four years of college. I decided that I wanted to build more websites that are user-friendly. Done Some Freelancing, and Automate a lot of things. However, I needed a professional course to learn to code well.

I shared my aspirations with a friend, and he recommended Masai school to me. I researched the school and saw that they have a good blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. And decided to enroll immediately.

Currently, I have expertise in React, TailwindCSS, and NodeJs. Additionally, I have knowledge and experience with Python, Data-mining, and Web scrapping.

Other than coding, I enjoy running and writing stories, traveling, talking to people.


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