Brand Style Guide for Startup Mentorship App

July 07, 2021

Another installment of our Heroic Rhino branding project. This particular piece is dedicated to the rules of application we provide for each logo we design. Follow us on Behance. We're open for a new project ✌️, Contact us.

SELECT Branding

May 19, 2021

We made it look polished and elegantly rich in the style of the brand with strict forms and expensive materials using metal for the actual card and designer cardboard and paper for the collateral.

Heroic Rhino Branding

April 30, 2021

Heroic Rhino is a Copenhagen-based startup accelerator company going global. Its mission is to connect startup founders with the best mentor talents. The idea for their branding was to think outside the usual startup-related association...

Lord Ping Illustration

August 09, 2020

This gorgeous penguin is a character that we’ve created as a part of brand identity for the Lord Ping online casino. They wanted a realistic-looking 3D character for use in different scenarios that we are currently developing. Have a pr...

Crizit Mascot

August 02, 2020

Crizit is a software design and development consultancy that helps companies develop complex automated processes and provides a range of other services including cloud management, data analytics, security, and compliance. This is their ...

SELECT Branding

July 25, 2020

Beautiful, isn’t it? We created a new look for the SELECT private membership community and enjoyed every minute of it. The idea was to create a brand with a powerful and stylish image and contemporary feel. We did it by combining natur...

Billeasy Rebranding

July 05, 2020

Our first branding shot in a while is for Billeasy — an Indian startup that provides paperless billing solutions to businesses. The company wanted to go global and needed a full rebranding with a more tech-oriented and sophisticated appr...

Logo Branding for VITAE

December 02, 2019

Here are some visual brand identity assets we designed for VITAE. It is an authentic network for people to discover and connect around common interests and experiences online. Vita is Latin for 'life', so we thought it would be fitting t...