Medical Characters In A Mobile UI

March 17, 2021

Hey all! Look at our newest animated illustration pack on UI8! 10 fully editable vector animations that you can customize as you want to match your project’s style and design. Featuring doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. P...

Food Delivery App Design

March 15, 2021

What’s even better than a delicious meal or two is the ability to just snap your fingers and get it. So as much as food delivery apps are meant for convenience, their design is meant to be attractive and functional, with a promise of a s...

Vacation Rental App

March 09, 2021

Do you use Airbnb? Here’s an idea of a vacation rental app that offers to stay in select places — only the designer houses, close to nature and imbued with style. Perfect locales to rest, explore new places and get a boost of energy for ...

Airline App Design

March 05, 2021

Airlines saw their worst quarters during the last year as consumers canceled their trips. Hope everything is going back to normal this year and giving you another look at our airline app design.Have a project in mind? Contact us.

Air Ticket App

February 28, 2021

Planning your next trip is the beginning of an exciting adventure. What we wanted to do here is to design an air ticket app that makes this planning easier, is clearly laid out, efficient to use, and sticks to the point. Do you think we ...

Food App

February 26, 2021

Nothing less than strong usability and finger-licking appearance for a food ordering app. Time to show you some more screens. Hope you like it and feel free to leave your feedback!Have a project in mind? Contact us.

Rent-a-Car App

February 17, 2021

Hey folks!👋 Rental cars may be more than just backups for when your car is in the shop. Take a look at some car rental app screens we’ve made. Always happy to get your feedback!Have a project in mind? Contact us.

Food Delivery App

February 08, 2021

Hey guys 👋 Check out our latest design of an app that helps to satisfy your hunger with a meal of your choice and do it fast and with ease. Your feedback is always welcome!Have a project in mind? Contact us.