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Interfaces will continue their dominance until AI wipes out physical input. We believe in purpose and style of UI and we're here to manifest it.

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Sport app concept animation

Fit-In-Turn Fitness Profile

January 23, 2019

It can just about you pursuing your personal dreams. But it all gets an extra kick once you introduce other people into it. Competition and ratings motivate. This is how we designed dashboards and leader boards.

Fit-In-Turn Workout App

January 21, 2019

Log-in screen of our fitness app concept. Motivational and dynamic feel is what we were going for. Fitness is no longer a means of achieving bod goals. Wellness is a way of life and you can build it around yourself.

Fit-In-Turn App Workout

January 17, 2019

Coaching remotely is challenging because for the most part, you can't recreate that subtle bond that exists in sports. However, we believe it's possible to emulate it by design. All the tiny details a mentor notices make the workout. So ...

Fit-in-Turn App Concept Rankings

January 16, 2019

Competition can be kryptonite for some people. However, we are constantly competing against ourselves and it's important to track your progress in a nice fashion. For those willing to take it further, you can jump into a world-wide comp...

Fit-In-Turn App Concept

January 14, 2019

We are glued to our phones. Among all the procrastination and ADD, this can be beneficial. We want to explore this in term of fitness which is the most compelling benefit as well as the most challenging. Here's the deal. You sign up as ...

Smart Home Concept App

January 11, 2019

Finalizing the series we started late last year. This was a Smart Home app which allows complete control over your home while giving a delightful and entertaining experience. Check out the previous shots to get the feel of the app.

Ufc timer voice recognition animation

UFC Sports Timer Voice Recognition

December 21, 2018

One of the most requested features we got while interviewing coaches was voice command. A lot of sport practices include equipment that might impede finger poking the phone. Things like gloves, mitts, and ammunition take forever to put o...

Ufc timer editing animation  1

UFC Fight Timer Setup Animation

December 18, 2018

Every combat sports gym is a special place. It's where you forge your heart, body, and kills. To make the practice productive, you should not waste time. Complicated reps setup of conventional timers with tiny remote controllers is a pai...