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  1. 15h Pro
    Joshua McCowen
    Commented on Old Sacramento

    Not sure how much I like the drop shadow personally, but this is crazy solid work! Don't get to old town that much, I'll keep an eye out for it though.

  2. 16 Jun Pro
    Joshua McCowen
    Commented on Use it all

    Wow. This is great!

  3. 15 Jun Pro
    Joshua McCowen
    Commented on Project Kazimierz - About Us Page

    Solid all around! Only have a few comments:

    • It might be nice to see your hero slide utilizing a full sized image instead of having it contained between the text. This could make the opening of the site more engaging for the user.

    • In the Who We Serve section, I'm not sure how much the circles around the icons are helping. I have an understanding of what it means, but from a user perspective it might be enough to know they are supported, and not see how much in comparison to another category.

  4. 15 Jun Pro
    Joshua McCowen
    Commented on Venture Into The Wild

    Super slick! Although, I started reading this as "Into The Venture Wild".

  5. 15 Jun Pro
    Joshua McCowen
    Commented on Brewery Footer

    For the locations area, you might try spanning those 3 columns to that fill area. You could be using the lower vertical line as your cutoff point, but that extra white space to the right of the 3rd address feels off to me.