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Requests and chats for MsFit

November 02, 2017

Requests and chat flow for Trainer's part in MsFit. You can check other parts of the project in our profile

Characters msfit

Animated characters for MsFit application

November 01, 2017

Working on some characters for MsFit application (health&fitness app for Saudi Arabia and GCC countries), static icons was too boooring :) what do you think about those women, dribbblers? You can check other parts of the project in...


MsFit Diet

October 31, 2017

Hello friends! We want to share with you a part of the diet for MsFit application. We created a simple selection of dishes with automatic calculation of nutrients and recipes for women who have a low expertise of healthy eating, and who...

Fitness profile achievement

Fitness Profile Achievement

May 16, 2017

Achieving the desired result is possible only by putting a lot of effort into the process. However, supporting the efforts with the right motivation helps get the desired result faster. We took care of that when developing the applicat...

Fitness app

March 24, 2017

We continue to share with you the working process of developing unique fitness app for woman from GCC countries :) Our team created a mechanism that significantly simplifies the workout interaction between a trainer and a trainee using ...

Fit onboarding

Fitness app onboarding process

March 14, 2017

Hey, friends! We want to share onboarding process we are working on :) Nothing special, just a questionary and cute icons for a fitness app, made in Principle Don't miss next shot, Follow Us!

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