1. Tgvelo (WIP)
    Tgvelo (WIP)
  2. Freecycle wip minimalist interface design freecycle
  3. Home Dashboard Doodle sketch graph room living temperature ambient things internet iot dashboard
    Home Dashboard Doodle
  4. WIP wip mobile ios map events social
  5. New Business Cards business cards freelance pink gradient
    New Business Cards
  6. Portfolio 2014 portfolio 2014 focus gradient bold flashy php development
    Portfolio 2014
  7. Transmission Widget Prototype basic prototype interface ui widget transmission
    Transmission Widget Prototype
  8. FoldUp: first sketches fold up sketch try backup app application mac os x clean
    FoldUp: first sketches
  9. Inside The Fireball! dynamic after effects particular moving fire blend
    Inside The Fireball!
  10. Fireball! dynamic after effects particular moving fire blend
  11. Acid  black white motion graphics dynamic moving
  12. Curriculum Vitae 2013 grid helvetica typography simple teaser vitae curriculum
    Curriculum Vitae 2013
  13. Curriculum Vitae 2013 curriculum vitae teaser simple typography helvetica grid
    Curriculum Vitae 2013
  14. Touch Screen Museum Panel touch screen museum panel air flash as3 design feedback
    Touch Screen Museum Panel
  15. Segment80R kinect triangles experimental flash actionscript verlag
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