Sean Bannigan Jukebox Time Machine by Sean Bannigan

My undergraduate thesis project: A gallery installation that played number one songs from 1940–2015. Songs were selected by a user inputted date or search.

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Jukebox Time Machine | Song UI

July 14, 2015

User Interface for the "song" screen of Jukebox Time Machine. Every song has a unique visualizer rendered in After Effects that matches the audio and album art. Check out the full-length high-res version (with audio!).

Jukebox Time Machine | UI

July 14, 2015

An overall view of the Jukebox Time Machine User Interface. Users can either find a song by date, or manually search by year, artist, or song title. Each song features a visualizer generated from the audio and the album artwork. Shout-ou...

Jukebox Time Machine | Poster

July 10, 2015

Graphic for my undergraduate thesis project from May 2015, Jukebox Time Machine. The design features the project mark and album artwork from every number one song featured in the Time Machine (July 1940–May 2015). Originally displayed as...