1. Collaborative Discovery Process stakeholder interviews user flows ux design ux discovery ux research
    View Collaborative Discovery Process
    Collaborative Discovery Process
  2. Jim Beam UX & UI axure content strategy information architecture sketch sketching ux design ux prototype visual design
    View Jim Beam UX & UI
    Jim Beam UX & UI
  3. Insurance Prototype axure sketching ux design ux prototype
    View Insurance Prototype
    Insurance Prototype
  4. Marketing UX & UI branding ui design ux design visual design
    View Marketing UX & UI
    Marketing UX & UI
  5. Responsive UI & UX css html ui design ux design ux development visual design
    View Responsive UI & UX
    Responsive UI & UX
  6. Mobile Application Design branding mobile application ui design ux design visual design
    View Mobile Application Design
    Mobile Application Design
  7. Internal UX Design sketching stakeholder interviews user research analysis ux design
    View Internal UX Design
    Internal UX Design
  8. Financial Microsite front end development prototyping ux design ux research analysis visual design
    View Financial Microsite
    Financial Microsite
  9. Suite of Websites branding cms front end development visual design
    View Suite of Websites
    Suite of Websites
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