Fig. 32 Internal Noise

July 16, 2019 A short home project. Made with Modo, After effects and a little of Sketch. A few steps how it was made you can find in this project sashatikhonov.c...

Fig. 32: First scenes

July 11, 2019

(wait for it, too long black screen) Render of 3D models is done. Now it is time for postproduction: vfx, color correction, titles, etc... · vimeo · facebook · twitter

Fig. 32: Key shots

July 04, 2019

Looks like this is the most close look of my video in development. Hope to finish soon. Not much free time unfortunately. · vimeo · facebook · twitter

Fig. 32 Room: Alien form

June 09, 2019

My small home project. I hope it will become a few seconds movie. · vimeo · facebook · twitter

Fig. 31 Room: Animation tests

February 05, 2019

Fig. 31 Room. Test of camera moving and light. Looks too noisy. And a little boring. Need to work a little more on the walls and the light. · vimeo · facebook · twitter

Fig. 31 Room: Still shot

January 26, 2019

Working on a small video with this room and the sphere inside. This is the sample of materials, geometry, palette. · vimeo · facebook · twitter