Voice Maps Logo

August 20, 2013

Logo that I made some time ago for a Navigation App with vocal instructions. Finally, not used by the client.

Head Logo (Making of)

March 09, 2013

Making of a logo for a 'secret' project :) Far from being finished, the next step is essential to give sense to the logo. More to come! Feedback is very appreciated ^^ Please, check the @2x version for full details

Logo de Vinos por Galicia

January 29, 2013

Logo for a Social Network of Wine established in Galicia (rejected by the client). Barnacle* with a corkscrew. *The barnacle is a delicacy in Spain very expensive and exclusive which origin is the coast of Galicia.


January 15, 2013

I'm just uploading here part of my portfolio. This is an old logo project (2 years old).

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