1. EF Class Animated Logo paul rand helvetica ef education first ef class education motion video animation logo icon
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    EF Class Animated Logo
  2. Responsive list menu gif ios mobile responsive website menu list close open drop down ui
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    Responsive list menu
  3. Logo in the works
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    Logo in the works
  4. Work Timelapse #2 workplace portfolio freelance timelapse gif video
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    Work Timelapse #2
  5. {.GIF} Homepage prototype homepage prototype animation video gif wireframe marketing app
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    {.GIF} Homepage prototype
  6. Work Timelapse #1 video gif timelapse freelance portfolio workplace
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    Work Timelapse #1
  7. Stats stats chart number slider wip wireframe
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  8. Round Mail icon circle mail icon app sketch paper pen
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    Round Mail icon
  9. 2012 in Instagram photos 2012 year instagram photography preview retrospective gif
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    2012 in Instagram photos
  10. More camp icons boot plaid shovel illustrator branding shirt pants shoe icon
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    More camp icons
  11. Motivational Prints motivation print bw black white work work work futura bold
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    Motivational Prints
  12. wild X tent illustrator hammer log wood boot tent thick bold icon nature camp logo branding brand
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    wild X tent
  13. Thick camp icons camp nature icon bold thick tent boot wood log hammer illustrator
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    Thick camp icons
  14. WN first concepts monogram logo brand branding sketch illustrator monograms are still cool
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    WN first concepts
  15. Field Fckn' Notes  fuckin draplin field notes aaron draplin
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    Field Fckn' Notes
  16. {.GIF animation} Show details animation gif ui photoshop text typography book details after effects paragraph
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    {.GIF animation} Show details
  17. {.GIF animation} Book Shadow justmytype gif animation thumbnail book
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    {.GIF animation} Book Shadow
  18. Click it = Unfold it paper fold unfold pinch ui interaction
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    Click it = Unfold it
  19. Flag flag illustration t-shirt nation country illustrator shades of grey
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  20. Bouncy pixels dribbbled animation keyframe ae video dribbble number counter pixel after effects
    View Bouncy pixels dribbbled
    Bouncy pixels dribbbled
  21. Avatar avatar timeline events drop-down texture
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  22. Tiny Map Icon tiny map icon pixel delivery pointer come@mevacations!
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    Tiny Map Icon
  23. Help Finding? search input icon grid coverflow flashcard flip description
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    Help Finding?
  24. Skateboarding icon sketch skate skateboarding icon ios sketch paper video timelapse
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    Skateboarding icon sketch
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