Comp 2

{.GIF animation} Show details

October 23, 2012

Playing some hide & seek with the user :) Showing only the detailed information about the book On click. Needless to say, that this piece of information is secondary level, that's why it's hidden - as @Paulo Zoom pointed out on the r...

Book shadow

{.GIF animation} Book Shadow

October 17, 2012

Working on a little hover animation. Somehow I feel the the shadow is a bit too much noticeable at the end on the animation, maybe I subtle that a bit.

Click it = Unfold it

October 14, 2012

Testing the usability of this UI piece. Should be a click > unfold animation. What do you guys think of these things?


August 15, 2012

Right now I will be working on a way to filter/sort information via the user's avatar on this timeline. I'm going for a clean drop-down on the avatar to show some of those fltering/sorting options. Do you guys are aware of some kind of ...

Help Finding?

August 08, 2012

Working on this search input at the top. Once :hovered, stroke and text get highlighted. Any first thoughts?

Flip card

{.GIF Animation} Flip Card

July 25, 2012

Mocking up a flip effect for a client. 1. Clicking again will flip the card again on the same direction (completing a 360º); 2. Motion Blur makes it alllllways better! ;)


July 14, 2012

Coming close to ending this note card lightbox view UI. Does it makes sense to add the word "Notes" to the second toggle option, or "Ony Mine" is fairly understandable? See the bigger view for, you know... a bigger view ;)