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Comp 2

{.GIF animation} Show details

Playing some hide & seek with the user :) Showing only the detailed information about the book On click. Needless to say, that this piece of information ...

October 23, 2012

Book shadow

{.GIF animation} Book Shadow

Working on a little hover animation. Somehow I feel the the shadow is a bit too much noticeable at the end on the animation, maybe I subtle that a bit.

October 17, 2012

Fold it

Click it = Unfold it

Testing the usability of this UI piece. Should be a click > unfold animation. What do you guys think of these things?

October 14, 2012



Right now I will be working on a way to filter/sort information via the user's avatar on this timeline. I'm going for a clean drop-down on the avatar to show...

August 15, 2012