Icon Pack

March 25, 2018

I've been digging out some old unused icons and have just made them available to download on The Noun Project. More coming soon. https://thenounproject.com/samnudds/


October 03, 2017

A selection of icon's I designed for the 10 app.


June 14, 2017

Custom flash icons


June 13, 2016

Made this vacation themed illustration set whilst relaxing by the pool on holiday. I used the very awesome Assembly iPad app. A really fun tool for any designer who doesn't have their Mac at hand

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June 16, 2015

Have recently been inspired by the illustration style of @Meg Robichaud so decided to try it out on a fun rebound of the very nice Gameboy @Charlie Waite did some time ago. Happy with how it turned out.

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May 01, 2014

Started working on an icon set for an online store today. Heres a wallet icon i had fun making


July 01, 2013

Working on a full icon set for a sports brand. these are just of a few of them which i thought i'd share


March 14, 2013

Calendar feature for a new app im working on