Web Chat Client

July 02, 2018

I designed this web chat client for the 10app however unfortunately it never got released into the wild. It was a great project to work on though so I thought I'd upload a shot for all to see :) Check out the attachment for more detail

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Profile empty 3

Content Creation

May 09, 2018

A fun empty state animation loop which encourages content creation in the users profile

10 Sports Feed

May 02, 2018

Our personalised live feed of news and score updates across 9 major sports Check out more of features of 10app at www.10.me/features

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Invite Modal

April 11, 2018

Been designing some different concepts for an Invite Modal and this was my favourite idea of the bunch :)

Goal Remark

March 28, 2018

We recently updated some of our sport update remarks in the app. I was really pleased with how our Goal remarks came out with the subtle net background and the team badge representing a football.. Hope you enjoy

10 Features

February 08, 2018

Excited to announce the release of our new website with a fresh new 'Features' page Check out the attachment for more detail or just go straight to the live version https://10.me/features

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Empty State Illustrations

February 05, 2018

A selection of empty state illustrations I designed for the 10app

Web Alerts

February 05, 2018

Designed the alert pack for our web experience. Wanted to make these as simple and clear as possible hence the strong colours, larger icons and clear copy.