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As well as my full-time job, my wife and I are also directors of The Kenyan Children's Project. Check out the website to find out more

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About Page

September 04, 2018

As well as my day job as designer, my wife and I are directors of a children's charity in Kenya called the Kenyan Children's Project. This is the 'About Us' page I designed for the website earlier this year. I've been really intentiona...

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Sponsor25 Logo

November 22, 2017

This month at The Kenyan Children's Project we're running a campaign to sponsor 25 of the children we support. Heres a little logo i created for our sponsorship campaign Find out what else we do at

KCP Landing

September 01, 2017

We launched some big updates to our Kenyan Children's Project website recently and I'm excited to share them with my dribbble community. This is a charity in Kenya my wife and I are director's of and we're privileged to be a part of it....

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Child Sponsorship Cards

July 13, 2016

Child Sponsorship at The Kenyan Children's Project allows us to do provide vulnerable children in Kenya with education, food, housing, clothing and medical care. Here's our new postcard for new potential sponsors fresh off the digital pr...


October 13, 2015

A selection of icons i created for The Kenyan Children's Project. You can see some of them in action here


October 31, 2014

Created some fun icons for The KCP website. Check out attachment for the full view. Each icon has a coloured hover state.

Mail Box

July 15, 2014

Mail Box icon for a confirmation page of a contact form

Support Us Page

July 14, 2014

Enjoying this bright and vibrant Support Us page for The KCP. Check out the real pixels for the full view. Feedback welcome