Otter branding slides

Visual, Branding & Motion Slides

July 10, 2018

Hello dribbblers, I’m sharing some branding, visuals and motion pieces that I worked on for a past project. @Andrew Reynolds and I worked on the project for 3 months. Within these 12 weeks, we designed an iOS app, it's desktop version ...

Ui kit dribbble

Who said UI Kit have to be boring? - UI Kit quick look

January 16, 2018

Hey guys, Who said UI Kit have to be boring? As part of any project at Metalab, we are delivering some design documentations when wrapping up a project. Here is a quick look at the detailed UI Kit we created for our client. We worked...

Sharing flow2

Sharing specific moments of a conversation

January 15, 2018

Hey guys, Here is another shot from the project we just wrapped up with @Andrew Reynolds. In this quick flow example, users can select and share very specific moments of a conversation, either by email or by sharing a link url, right f...

Editing mobile static3

Editing conversation transcript - Tagging speaker...

January 12, 2018

Hey guys, Happy new year. Here is an other sneakpeek at the project @Andrew Reynolds and I worked on and just completed. In this quick interaction shot, users can review conversation or meeting and fine tune their transcript. Users can...

Christmas scene 800

🎁🎄 - Happy holidays - Illustration & Motion framework

December 22, 2017

It’s the end of the week and the holidays are getting closer. I wanted to apply the illustration and motion framework I’m working on to see how flexible it is and explore the different situations it can be used in. I hope you’ll like ...

Woman laptop

👩‍💻 - Illustration and motion framework

December 22, 2017

👋 Hey guys, As mentioned on my previous posts, here is a more detailed shot of the illustration and motion framework I’m working on. We use the geometric shapes to create meaningful scenes, illustrate and humanize the product. The shap...

Loader dribbble

Geometric shapes loading animation

December 21, 2017

👋 Hey guys , Here is an other snapshot of the exciting project I’m working on with @Andrew Reynolds. Here, we are using the geometric shapes which are the foundation of our illustration / branding framework and explore how these can be...

Splash screen x

New Exciting Project - Splash Screen

December 20, 2017

Hey dribbblers, We are currently working on a very existing project at Metalab. @Andrew Reynolds and I have finished the wireframe phase and are now starting working on HiFi and the branding direction (including logo and the overall vi...