Sam Bunny 100 Days of Icons by Sam Bunny

The aim is to create 1 icon a day, 100 times over. Each reflects an element of my day, be it what I had for lunch, what I want for lunch, or even the weather.

100 Shots

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Day 100 - Christmas - 100 Days of Icons

December 01, 2016

Day 100! Its over! Just in time for the Christmas holidays :)

Day 99 - Apple Watch - 100 Days of Icons

November 30, 2016

Getting an Apple Watch from work for xmas! :D Some other options we had to choose from were a GoPro Session, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Google Home, Amazon Echo, vouchers, etc. Was the hardest decision of my life.

Day 98 - Pirate - 100 Days of Icons

November 30, 2016

Had a good Game Jam planning session in our small team of 4. Looking at making a game possibly involving a pirate, a fox, and maybe even a trex...

Day 97 - Narcos - 100 Days of Icons

November 30, 2016

Just finished watching Narcos! Such a good series, takes a little while to get into, but really rewarding in the end.

Day 96 - Fuel - 100 Days of Icons

November 30, 2016

Fill er' up

Day 95 - Couch - 100 Days of Icons

November 30, 2016

All day on couch recovering from the night before -.- Looks a little like a face :)

Day 93 - Battle - 100 Days of Icons

November 29, 2016

First day back at work and we had an epic Nerf battle :) Some colleagues brought a whole lots of Nerf guns back from a work trip to Singapore. This is a bomb thing that shoots out of one of them.