NoHalftime Redesign Teaser

December 13, 2018

A small preview from one of our recent designs done again for NoHalftime app which we had the opportunity to redesign. and illustrate a bit. More stuff coming soon :D Put into motion by @Bernadetta Pastuszka

Flwless eSport App #2

February 02, 2017

Another shot from Flwless app done year ago Full presentation here

Flwless eSport App

January 31, 2017

Hey guys, Quite long time since I've posted anything, been busy with other projects. Here is a small preview of app I've done around year ago that was lying around for a bit. Full presentation

Cash Deposit Animation

March 15, 2016

Hey guys, We are still workin on improving the No Halftime App and this is one of recent animations and design of screen that shows up while fetching the data from your bank :D It might evolve into something different later but I like ...

NH: Tiles & Sorting

March 06, 2016

Hey guys, Been working on some stuff for No Halftime App some time ago and this is the outcome from that project. Pretty simple but fun to play with in Principle app :) More coming soon!

No Halftime Accept Challenge

December 10, 2015

Here is some quick interaction done some time ago for No Halftime app. Misha done great job on really sexy loaders :) More on that HERE

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