Av Twitvid Rebrand to Telly

by Jeremy Sallée ✦✦✦ telly.com

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Twitvid rebranding

see it live follow me on telly I am finally very proud to present you what I've been working on the last 5 months. I've been taking care of rebranding Twi...

July 17, 2012



Just some condensed navigation system for a web app I'm working on right now. Evidently search will come with text inside the input and logo will be in the ...

June 04, 2012



some small elements off an awesome page I'm working on.

May 18, 2012

Login popup

Login Popup

I've literrally spent 20h on that damn login popup... Such a small element, but so important at the same time. Any feedback to make this better is welcome :)...

April 05, 2012

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Re design

Some website redesign I'm working on. Sorry about the pic, taken with my iphone... Before everybody starts pointing at path, this is not it. The design just...

February 28, 2012

Header elements

Header Elements

I haven't submitted anything in a while because I was concentrating on my moving to my new life and work here in San Francisco. Now I've finally moved and s...

February 24, 2012