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Navigation quicky

Just something I made for the fun the icon is inspired by musho

January 21, 2012



just practicing leather and stitches for retina display. Came out with this. full page HD pic Avatar by Asher

January 14, 2012

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Calendar free psd

Calendar psd file Feel free to use in personal and comercial projects download

January 12, 2012

Progress bar

Progress Bar free psd

I loved the last shot of Matt. That shadow treatment is awesome and as Ian was pointing out, that treatment could become a reference in the near future. Espe...

December 01, 2011


Push Button

Just for the fun of it :)

November 19, 2011


Mimi glyphs v2 wip

I've been working on adding 40 new icons to my mimi glyphs icon pack. This making it a v2 with 80 16x16 px icons. Here's just a preview of my favorites. I'v...

October 18, 2011


Keepr free psd icons

2 psd icons made from my previous shot. Like advised I corrected radius A minimum of pixel layers are in use and a maximum of vector shapes with layer styl...

August 30, 2011


Liquid Page icon practice

Some icons practice inspired by iOS4 icon made by Kamil Khadeyev The goal was to work lights and acheive that nasty water effect. I'm pretty pleased about i...

August 29, 2011