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SalesforceIQ has quarterly Hackdays in which we get 36hrs to do whatever we want.

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Hackday 17 sticker

July 27, 2016

We got groovy with this 60’s inspired hack day theme, “Peace, Love, Hack”. Hope you all like it! Special thanks again to @zacharyc for the great shot.

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Hackday 16 sticker

June 30, 2016

Theme this hack day was "The Sky's the Limit". My first attempt at hand lettering and ventured into full color for this one. Props to @zacharyc for the photo!

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Hackday 15 sticker

June 30, 2016

Theme for Hack Day 15 was "GOAAAALL", in case that wasn't already clear ;) Props to @zacharyc for the photo!

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Hackday 14 sticker

June 30, 2016

Every hack day we have a theme in which we make a sticker for everyone at the company. Hack day 14's theme was "On a Boat"! Props to @zacharyc for the photo!

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IQDesign - Design Principles

June 24, 2016

The IQ Design team recently conducted a design principle workshop. I spent Hackday #17 working with @Catriona Cornett flushing out the principles and made some posters for our office to remind us of them!

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Quick start guide - import (hack day project)

June 03, 2016

Here at SalesforceIQ, we have hack day every other month. We will work on our own ideas. This is an idea for one hack day from some of my amazing team members. I hacked all the icons and layouts for them in a few hours. It was super fun!

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Task management tool

May 22, 2016

An internal project with a couple engineers to help manage our tasks within our teams.

Card Explorations

May 19, 2016

Another Hackday project I worked on. I wanted to see how we could extend our use of cards while testing out our new color scheme.