Vespa tour of Rome

July 26, 2019

Editorial illustration for Design Anthology annual art issue. The article is about the joys of traveling by scooter in Rome. And since it's about holiday time, who of you already left the desk to enjoy some sun? :) Illustration by @Dan...

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Barron's - The power in payments

June 19, 2019

Super proud of our first opening spread! Opening spread for Barron's magazine - VOL XCIX N 2. Cover story by Tae Kim, AD Rob Di Ieso Big credit card companies can make trillions by edging into the direct payment market. In fact some of ...

Barron's - The power in payments

June 17, 2019

Cover for Barron's Magazine VOL XCIX N 21 Are the Payment Wars upon us? Here's how @MasterCard, Visa (@visa_us) and @PayPal are outmaneuvering tech disruptors like @Apple Pay in the direct payment industry. This week's cover story explor...

La Repubblica infographic

March 15, 2018

Who said that working is just boring? In this project for La Repubblica we had loads of fun making a giant robot and yet we are so lucky to call this our job. Cheers! Illustration by @Daniele Simonelli -Sail Ho Studio


Gazpacho recipe

March 09, 2018

Some time ago asked us to reinterpret a classical summer recipe, the gazpacho. Traditionally considered as a dish for peasants and poor, farmers used to serve it when summer days got too hot to have a warm meal. Check out more ...