We're hiring!

June 08, 2012

We're looking for a talented designer/developer to join the team at Virb! If you have some mad design skills and the chops to turn those into beautiful HTML, hop over to our Careers Page to find out more.



June 06, 2012

Working on a new coat of paint for our customization area. And please excuse the fuzzy type, Ai hates aliasing things right.

Screen shot 2011 10 21 at 12.51.44 pm

Career Graphics

October 21, 2011

Some illustrations I whipped up for our About page to show off our two new job openings. If you know anyone interested, send 'em our way.

Admin 11.00.29 am

Payment Schedule

October 10, 2011

Working on a way to toggle between our payment schedule options. Does this look "selected" enough compared to the other one? And the big button is by my pal, Josh, so I can't take credit for that awesomeness.

Screen shot 2011 10 05 at 10.37.36 am

Getting Started

October 05, 2011

Working on a new module to display when someone logs into their account for the first time, with some helpful tips to point them in the right direction

Help home2

Custom Search

October 03, 2011

Working hard on some new things at Virb, foremost being a whole new Help Center. This is the latest version of a custom giant dropdown search bar. *please forgive some wee spacing issues*


Virb Redesign

August 31, 2011

I am proud to announce that after months of design and development, the new Virb website is LIVE. It features some fun illustrations, a ton of videos, more robust content and we hope you dig it. We think it answers a lot of our customer...

Virb maintenance

Virb Maintenance

August 31, 2011

You can't do your website maintenance without a respectable holder page, right!? Forgot to Dribbble this back when I made it, and was reminded when we used it last night for some things.

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