S Logos for sale

by Nikita Lebedev

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Don't know why I haven't posted this yet. Love ferrets.

April 15, 2016

Firever Tree

The big dot is a star from now on. The bottom triangles look more smooth. I think I'm happy about these minor changes.

February 24, 2016

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I recently found some elegant typeface for the geisha. Actually this should have been done a long time ago. :)

February 04, 2016


The logo is inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

October 08, 2015


I've seen a bunch of heart/pill logos lately, so here is my take on this subject. Prescription drugs at a discount.

January 26, 2015

Squirrel (upd)

December 05, 2014


Just for fun.

September 18, 2014

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Found some time recently to make a typography revision.

July 11, 2014