Design Pitfalls

October 03, 2014

Just finished a cover illustration for my old pet project "Design Pitfalls"

Design Pitfall Nr. 08 - Don't launch too early

February 18, 2014

Don't launch too early. Make sure there's a standard level of design quality and usability at every (beta) launch, otherwise you might not get the results you're hoping for ;) Final piece for "Design Pitfalls." I hope you all enjoyed th...

Design Pitfall Nr. 07 - Don't force it

December 02, 2013

Don't force it. A grid should be your layout guideline, not a restriction of creativity, so there is no need to force golden proportions into every design.

Design Pitfall Nr. 05 - Don't get too attached to your design

August 30, 2013

Don't get too attached to your design. (I sometimes find myself guilty of this one :) Be careful not to fall in love with your own ideas before sharing them with clients or co-workers. Stay flexible and open for new ideas because there...

Design Pitfall Nr. 03 - Don't jump in too quickly

August 13, 2013

Don't jump in too quickly. It's tempting to jump straight into Photoshop or Illustrator, but sketching is a faster way to explore ideas and not get caught up in the fine details.