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Weekmenu sketch small

Sketching and Wireframing Recipe App

Nothing beats sketching on paper and build a "real size" wireframe to test it on the device. Check the attachments for a larger photo and a 100% view of the ...

March 28, 2012

Filter 2

Recipe filter

^^^ Please see attachment Inspired by the 'Filter menu' by Maxwell Barvian (http://drbl.in/cwgn) and the Garage filter of Gran Turismo 5 (http://www.flickr....

January 17, 2012

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Weekmenu take 2 small

Weekmenu - Home screen - Take 2

Added real content. The real photo's are light and not so vibrant. And the recipe title's are short and long. So I decided to make a new mockup with real dat...

January 16, 2012