Minimal line icons stroke

Minimal Line Icons Stroke

July 22, 2018

Our new Minimal pack Stroke control in action ;) We just published it on so check out these 1000 new icons. Also if you like the project help us by upVoting it on Product hunt:

Minimal line icons

1000 Minimal Line Icons

July 21, 2018

Our 1000 Minimal line icons are fully released :) Check them out at: and help us upvote it on product hunt:

Electronic Devices Line Icons

July 17, 2018

"Electronic Devices" set from our 1000 Line Duo Tone icons pack released this week on We currently have 35,000 unique icons in one bundle! This is the biggest icons bundle in the world. Check out the full Duo Tone Line I...

100 Free Line Icons Pack

July 11, 2018

Download 100 free icons from our latest pack "Duo Tone Line Icons" available now for commercial and personal use on our website. Enjoy ;)

1000 Line Icons Duo Tone Pack

July 09, 2018

Our Icon pack "Duo Tone Line Icons" Just received an update bringing it to 1000 icons! Discover 500 new icons added today to this pack: We are preparing for the next update to include a...

500 Line icons duo tone pack

June 24, 2018

Grab your 500 icons from our brand new "Line Icons Duo Tone" next update we will add another 500 icons to this pack making it 1000 icons total. We have it all ready, we're just tagging the icons to make it easier for you to search for ...

Line Icons Duo Tone Part 1

June 18, 2018

Our June 2018 update is released! Grab your 500 icons from our brand new "Line Icons Duo Tone" we were aiming to release 1000 instead but didn't want to keep you waiting so here's part 1 and part 2 will follow within 10 days from now. ...

Line Icons Duo Tone

June 10, 2018

More icons from our June 2018 Update. Line icons Duo Tone collection. First 500 icons releasing on June 15th - 2nd Batch 500 Icons Releasing on June 30th. Stay tuned, and check out our 34,000 icons bundle at