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  1. 22 May Ross Bruggink Commented on See'rs by Simon Walker

    This stuff is fantastic, loving the Sears rebrand.

  2. 14 May Ross Bruggink Followed Ben Kocinski.
  3. 10 May Ross Bruggink Commented on Radish #2 by Ross Bruggink

    @Leisha Scallan thanks! I used their Vector Brush Toolbox kit. In particular the DryGoods and InkWash brushes

  4. 9 May Ross Bruggink Dribbbled Radish #2 as a rebound of Radish
  5. 30 Apr Ross Bruggink Commented on Rain Rain On My Face by Ben Stafford

    JARS O' CLAY!!!!!

    also, gorgeous

  6. 30 Apr Ross Bruggink Dribbbled Radish

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