Tracktivity — Casestudy

May 19, 2016

Behance Case Study. Its been a while since we've released a case study. So without further ado, here is the case study for Tracktivity!

Tracktivity Overview

November 05, 2015

Little overview of some of the screens we've made for Tracktivity. Huge project indeed, case study coming soon! Twitter • Bēhance

Track Detail Page

October 29, 2015

Hello Dribbblers, Tracktivity is one of the biggest project we had the pleasure to work with. From iOS, android apps, to ticketing system, and lots of other stuff. Today we would like to show you track detail wepbage. Check the attachm...

Tracktivity Events

October 20, 2015

Tracktivity events screen, designed for both iOS and Android. My first project where I took care of both platforms. It turned out pretty well!

Tracktivity Community

October 16, 2015

Same view, different OSes. Tracktivity was a huge project we've been working on for last year and a half. It contains iOS client for both iPhone and iPad (iPad later discontinued), Android client, and web interface for purchasing ticket...

Tracktivity Icon

October 15, 2015

Yet another icon for a project we are currently working on. Meet Tracktivity. The world's biggest database of racing venues and events. There are couple of more shots coming as well as case study. Stay tuned! Branding done by Freytag An...