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by Rogie 👑

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Mad Modal

100% CSS Mad Mimi windows. Sans the arrow and the building ;) * All pricing in the full sized is fictitious.

June 08, 2011

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One Datepicker to rule them all.

December 16, 2010

Shot 1292368107


In the immortal words of coach Dan, "I'm working on a thing for a thing"

December 14, 2010

Shot 1291331982

Mad Mimi Sending Animation

I don't know why, but I love love love simple animations. Something tells me that this sending animation for Mad Mimi was inspired by Super Mario Land. P.S....

December 02, 2010

Shot 1281390308

Loading (.gif) Mad Mimi Animation

It's all in the details. Today is all about fun baby and today I made a loading gif for Mad Mimi because default loading indicators suck the hind teat.

August 09, 2010

Shot 1278576561

Mad Elements

Various form elements for a web application of mass madness. My personal favorite is the select drop down. I lub it.

July 08, 2010

Shot 1273589894


This has been a boat-load of fun. New home page illustration for Mad Mimi.

May 11, 2010

Shot 1272904973

Delivery and Security

Some more illustration work for Mad Mimi. Best thing is the client said that they wanted to Marry it. That's a dang good review.

May 03, 2010