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by Rogie 👑 flexibits.com

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Fantastical is ALIVE!

Just thought I should wrap up with saying thanks for all of your feedback! Fantastical is now alive, breathing in the Mac App store. Get a free trial if yo...

June 08, 2011


Rebound to Win!

Events mark the most important landmarks in our lives. Rebound this shot with an event that was important to you and tell us your story. Top three winners ...

May 18, 2011



May 16, 2011



Design for the setup process for the quick calendaring app, Fantastical. Code magic by Kent Surprise, Delight and Dazzling Direction by Michael Fantastic ...

May 09, 2011

Footer icons preview

Footer Bar Icons

Just sharing some of the icons for this app... Any critiques to make them better? The far two on the right represent windowed vs. menu mode. P.S. Love usi...

April 28, 2011



Get ready for Fantastical! It just beta'd, so sign up at Flexibits or follow them on Twitter to get news on (what I think is) the coolest, uber fast calend...

April 19, 2011


Calendar App

First Mac app I've ever been blessed to be able to design. Follow Flexibits for release information :)

March 30, 2011