Monolith Case Study

October 16, 2015

Some work in progress designs for a news Case Study I am working on for one of my most recent clients. It summarizes the three steps of the workflow we went through designing this project. Don't forget to check out the attachment for ful...

AppelStijl portfolio casestudy

January 05, 2015

A new year, new chances. This also means a new portfolio. Therefore I spend my days between Christmas and NYE redesigning my portfolio, starting with the case studies. The first one which I completed is one of one of my oldest project, t...

2015 Portfolio Preview

December 08, 2014

A little sneak peak of my 2015 portfolio. I've tried to set an immersive and dynamic experience with this header. (Using the awesome particle concept of @Michiel de Graaf as inspiration) Check out the attachment for the 1:1 shot, or visi...

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