Brand Style Guide

April 11, 2017

Style guidelines for company products... Mobile app on Behance: Company brand on Behance:

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Ticketing web application

July 25, 2016

Design for web based office application - section ticketing!

Route Master Redesign

July 23, 2016

Sneak peek of the redesigned mobile application that is intended to support sales staff in the field, tracking sales, processing outlets, taking orders from customers, invoicing, record borrowing equipment, filling custom questionnaires ...

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Sono web fade

Sono IT Website

September 13, 2014

Responsive website with vector graphics and svg animation for supported browsers. All content is reachable for maintaining and updating through Wordpress management system! Website:

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Route Master Icon

April 14, 2014

Simple icon for routing to the logotype!

Route Master Logo

April 14, 2014

Logo + icon for mobile application.

Sono it website

April 12, 2014

After rebranding Sono it, it's time to make a website. Here is a screenshots that reveals the style and concept.

Sono logo animation

Sono logo play

April 10, 2014

Playing with the logotype ideas in the branding process.