DIY Mobile Maintenance App Video

November 01, 2013

We made this short video to explain how one of our apps work. Thanks to @Eric Rowan, @Ben Johnson, and @Sam Borstadt for their dedicating acting and fluffing skills.

Mobile Maintenance App UI

August 23, 2013

We've been working hard on iOS and Android versions of this app. Getting close!

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iOS / Android audio playback

August 20, 2013

Part of the UI for an app we're working on. The yellow bar grows as the message progresses and you can drag it to scrub.

App branding exploration

August 09, 2013

Exploring ways to visually show an app is cross platform without getting too specific. Are the subtle references to the Galaxy S4, iPhone, and HTC One enough you think?

Login screen

July 09, 2013

working on a super simple app