1. Interface design for an online payment firm

  2. A Govt App Concept

  3. News Subscription Concept

  4. Filipino Artist collective / directory app concept

  5. Medicinal herbs directory app

  6. A website project for a charity

  7. Simple Green NZ Website Concept

  8. Warranty Registration

  9. Bird of the Year website concept

  10. Metallica's Worldwired Tour concept

  11. DURA-SEAL Website

  12. Logo design for iMakeStuff

  13. Absolute Trade Supplies Logo

  14. Faculty of Health Medical Science Event

  15. FREEBIES! Mascot Design for Good Chaps

  16. Hat Badge for Maranat Outdoors

  17. The Trail Bar and Resto

  18. LOCA- Lovevine Cargo Charity

  19. Little Treasures Logo

  20. Lumina Builders Home Screen

  21. Landing page

  22. Antigrav® logo concept

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