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Tooltip for my website

February 26, 2017

Made "Moaw~" tooltip for my website 😻 #tooltip #moaw

Travel app - hotel list

June 13, 2016

if you like this, press "L"

Profile page design

June 05, 2016

Movie App UI

April 12, 2016

Some idea of the UI for a movie app I'm working on. Just for fun.

Playing for music player

December 24, 2015

Rebound to my previous shot for Music Player. The idea came from the problem that I noticed myself having with my own device. I wish I was able to switch to the next playlist more quickly.

Dailyui 009 Music Player 3D transition with Flinto for Mac

December 16, 2015

Playing with a music player concept. Flinto for Mac allowed me to prototype this pretty quickly. Prototype link : Build on @Flinto For Mac

Dailyui 013 Direct Messaging

December 14, 2015


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