Schedule short

Prototyping meetup app by using framer.js

November 27, 2015

I made a schedule app prototype with @Framer Things to note: 1. real time clock on the status bar 2. I need to count what time is it and show the schedule status real time. 3. hamburger icon and menu transition 4. scroll wrap 5. dot br...

Invite card2

Prototyping meetup - invite ticket

November 06, 2015

Just designing an interactive invitation card for prototyping meetup. @Framer Here's an overview of what's included within the prototype: - SVGLayer : A module and corresponding Sketch plugin that make it trivial to work with SVG Paths ...

Allllllllll33 final

Prototyping meetup in Taiwan

October 02, 2015

Video link : #Introduction Hosted the first mobile Prototyping Meet-up in Taiwan. This event is to emphasize the importance of prototyping in the design process. Topics in...