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Dribbble’s Playbook: The No‑Stress Solution To Keeping Your Portfolio Up‑To‑Date

Create a client-facing design portfolio on your own domain that always stays up-to-date and is ready to share with clients when you need it.

3 min read

December 10, 2021

Build Your Portfolio

We know it’s overwhelming to build a portfolio website from scratch—not to mention routinely updating it with new work and dealing with site maintenance. On top of that, how do you ensure your portfolio looks professional enough so that clients take you seriously?

With the new Playbook, you can create a client-facing portfolio on your own domain that always stays up-to-date and is ready to share with clients when you need it. Plus, when you share your work on Dribbble, your Playbook gets automatically updated, saving you tons of time and helping you land your next job that much faster.

Not yet a Dribbble Pro Subscriber? Upgrade to Pro today to start building your design portfolio on Playbook.

Here’s what’s new in Playbook…

Playbook was recently updated with a new look and added features for Pro members to showcase your professional brand, and easily keep your work up to date so it’s ready to share as soon as new opportunities come your way.

Let’s take a look at the latest updates we’ve made under the hood:

Let your personal branding shine

First impressions are everything—which means your personal branding matters. With Playbook, you can now seamlessly incorporate your professional brand into your Portfolio page quickly and efficiently.

We’ve added the functionality to upload your logo (or avatar) in any size or dimension so you can show clients exactly what you’re all about.

An updated layout

We’ve updated the look and feel of Playbook to match the modernized layout and functionality of Dribbble.com. Now all of your multi-shots and videos will display with ease and your work will display in high resolution.

Even more exciting, we’ve added a professional new layout option to showcase your work. With Playbook, you can now mirror the look and feel of your Dribbble Pro Profile for a client-facing portfolio page that puts your very best foot forward. You’ll notice we’ve included the option to display a main heading (pulled from your Pro Profile) which you can edit as needed to help you nail that first impression.

Added SSL security to protect your portfolio

In addition to these visual updates, we’ve enhanced security by adding an SSL certificate to all Playbook pages. Now you can rest assured your portfolio site is secured and encrypted at all times.

Why designers choose Playbook

“I get a lot of inquires directly from my Playbook page. The fact that Playbook displays your existing Dribbble content and you can simply choose the preferred order of your Shots is a huge time saver in itself. No additional overhead.” — Roman Klčo, Designer & 3D Illustrator

“Because of the tools Playbook offers, I spend almost no time on my portfolio itself. When I update my Dribbble page, my Playbook gets updated too. This makes it easy for me, attractive for the client, and leaves me more time for my actual design work.” — Peter Voth, Graphic Designer

Create your Playbook portfolio today

If you’re already a Dribbble Pro subscriber, you can start customizing your Pro Portfolio today. Not yet a Pro subscriber? Upgrade your account to start creating a professional, up-to-date design portfolio right now.

Plus, stay tuned for more exciting updates to come. We have so much more in store to help Dribbble Pros become even more successful in their careers, and this is just the beginning. Happy designing, Dribbblers! 

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