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by Reina Castellanos

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I have been super busy lately lately, but here's a new peek of the prints I've been doing. These will be on my website soon as well as prints available to pu...

April 22, 2013


Broken Spirit (screen)

One of the many hand painted screens I will be doing these few weeks. Process shots on the driveway, holding the screen with my feet—no better way than hom...

March 18, 2013

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Making separations for the notebooks I am printing soon!

March 10, 2013

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Shameless self promotion!

Finally updated my website with pictures of my printmaking work from the past few months. Check it out! http://reinacastellanos.com/

December 12, 2012

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Tonight I will spend my night curating prints and watching more Buffy. Life is good. Sneak peek of the full print: http://web.stagram.com/p/3168791467146752...

November 03, 2012



Sunday afternoon spent curating prints.

September 23, 2012

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light and dark

just updated the website with my latest printmaking work. Hope you like it! http://reinacastellanos.com

March 05, 2012

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just added a couple of monoprints to my website. More to come soon! http://reinacastellanos.com/

February 16, 2012