Onboarding screens

March 03, 2016

Vue is an app that allows you to connect with those around you in real time, in the places you love. Vue is not boring & sterile. We created a set of on boarding/welcome illustrations that are playful and engaging, reflecting Vue's...

Vue Identity

March 03, 2016

This project has gone through many conceptual explorations, but we've finally settled on something that fits just right. Props to @Josh Principe for the ongoing collab on this! More at Onyx.

V App Icon

February 02, 2016

We really wanted the app icon to stand out—something we took into our later rounds. More at Onyx

V Mark

February 02, 2016

We're deep into building a new product and accompanying brand for a secret client. This one didn't make the cut, unfortunately. More at Onyx

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