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by Raven Yu

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Simple Icons

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June 14, 2016

Judy's Carrot Pen & Notepad

Zootopia is now available on iTunes! 🐰 Download the Sketch file 🔶 (not for commercial use) Follow me on Twitter 🐳

June 08, 2016

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Pawpsicle (from Zootopia)

Made with iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Procreate app. Check out the time lapse video 🎥 Follow me on Twitter 🐳

April 05, 2016

iOS 7 Data Usage App

I've always wanted to do a sci-fi movie-ish interface, and I think the Compass app in iOS 7 looks kind of futuristic, so I was inspired to make this data usa...

June 20, 2013

Minimally Skeuomorphic

Trying to combine two different styles. Check out @2x for a much better look. Thanks @kajdax for the advice! :) I'm available for hire. Follow me on Twit...

April 23, 2013

Fringe - Walter & Michael

I absolutely loved Fringe and still can't believe the show has ended :( Follow me on Twitter 🐳

January 22, 2013



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July 26, 2012

2 dribbble invites giveaway

2 Dribbble Invites Giveaway

To get one of these keys, send an email with a link to your portfolio to ravenyu@yahoo.com (please include your dribbble account name). Good luck! :) Follo...

July 16, 2012

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