1. Trails App backpacking travel information hierarchy ui challenge daily ui challenge cards what to bring reviews illustration bird product design visual design interaction design ui design uiux austin trails app find trails explore trails
    Trails App
  2. Earth Spectacles - View Location & Reviews machine learning emerging tech virtual reality augmented reality vr ar ios iphone iphone10 mobile app swipe review card travel app travel review page mobile app development product design ux design ux ui
    Earth Spectacles - View Location & Reviews
  3. Post Review Screens - Travel App ui design post comment mobile mobile app mobile app development user user experience gradient progress bar travel rating tags review comment post review visual design ux ui ios iphone10
    Post Review Screens - Travel App
  4. My Feed - Dashboard Design my files search view work navigation design ui navigation ui dashboard dashboard design hover state hover ui design give feedback posts explore posts publish published posts activity feed work feed feed ui feed
    My Feed - Dashboard Design
  5. Published Work Page like design system like work favorite tags product design share work feedback post view post ui design button atomic information hierarchy comments published post publish view work upload work page
    Published Work Page
  6. Landing Page Hero marketing design interaction design product design imagery visual imagery logo testimonials log in sign up information hierarchy content strategy homepage design marketing ui design landing page design homepage homepage hero hero landing page
    Landing Page Hero
  7. Cloud Storage Dashboard Design dashboard design dashboard ui discoverability ui navigation navigation segmented controller notification timestamp my files my account pill button button user experience design information design information hierarchy cloud storage files interaction design ui design dashboard
    Cloud Storage Dashboard Design
  8. Visual search - Find Similar Experiences for you rating selector visual search selector ui elements ui interactions animals beaches colorful product design explore ui design interaction design visual search
    Visual search - Find Similar Experiences
  9. Visual Search Selection ui elements tag design tags adventure travel app motion design principle product design ui design interaction design algorithm ai machine learning explore similar experiences visual visual search feature feature visual search
    Visual Search Selection
  10. Explore Page cards ui elements sketch images grid view profile interaction design curated travel app mobile design information design information hierarchy product design ui design explore communities explore travelers explore experiences explore
    Explore Page
  11. Second Filter Transition Process ui animation principle interaction design product design ux design ui design explore global friends travel personalize curate customize customization filter transition filter find friends find people people
    Second Filter Transition Process
  12. Make a Plan Filter Transition principle ux design user experience design ux trend ui trend find a plan find plans segmented controller filter icon plan filter my plan interaction design user interface product design ui design filter transition filtering process filter make plan make a plan
    Make a Plan Filter Transition
  13. Eco Reserve & Ocean Awareness save our ocean preserve our ocean sand shells bubbles organic shapes illustration kelp seaweed jellyfish marine life ocean life branding eco-reserve eco reserve ocean awareness
    Eco Reserve & Ocean Awareness
  14. Find Your Next Adventure meet people people places discover more places female empowerment branding adventure icons icons explore mobile application travel app travel adventure
    Find Your Next Adventure
  15. The Rashell Logo blue wave segmentation segmented logo crustacean logo blue gradient blue logo shell logo sea logo ocean logo marine life logo ocean blue logo ocean blue logo with r r r logo blue shell shell vector blue and white
    The Rashell Logo
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