Raleigh Felton CRNT Surf App by Raleigh Felton

Surf app that tells current conditions and allows user to set surf breaks to best conditions(for the) to be notified when the criteria is meet.

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CRNT Appstore Screens

April 16, 2015

We submitted the iOS and Watch version to the app store on Tuesday. If all goes well, we will have it in the store over the next week or two. These are the screen shot for the store. Check out the attached for all 5 shots. Big ups to Lu...

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CRNT Logo Mark

April 08, 2015

Refining the CRNT logo. I think it feels a lot better. The thought behind the mark is a combo of an A-Frame wave, crest and trough of a wave/tide.

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Crnt favorites

CRNT Favorites

March 24, 2015

Pull down to get your favorite locations. Refining the navigation. Version 2 is already in the works although this is the version for launch. Check it out at CRNT app

Crnt applewatch

CRNT watch animation

March 03, 2015

Animation of CRNT watch app thats a companion to the CRNT iOS app. We have set up a quick landing page

CRNT App Watch

February 28, 2015

Trying to decide between black interface or color. Seems like most are going black not knowing the contrast and how the screen will look in the sunlight. We currently have the data hooked up and watch app is currently working. All that i...

CRNT App Watch

December 01, 2014

Translating the CRNT app to Apple Watch.

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Crnt first start sm

CRNT Interaction Design

July 07, 2014

Interaction test animation for first time users. Teaching users how to interact with the menu. The add location is found by using drag down gesture. A first time user has to drag the logo to a spot to start. It still needs some love on e...

CRNT Surf app

May 01, 2014

Finally have a name and a identity to the surf app. We named it CRNT as in 'current'. The app excels in doing the one thing really well, that is telling the current conditions of surf breaks. The logo is based of sign waves seen in surf...