I started with UX Design only recently after earning a UX Design certification from Google. I developed my taste for design much earlier while working as a Content Specialist in a digital marketing firm. I have seen first hand how designers can do much more to create an impact in users life if they chose to go beyond their personal tastes and preferences. The collaborative nature of my writing work with designers made me think deeply about design in general and the user’s reaction to it. This exposure combined with my passion for writing and drawing inspired me to start my own journey into UX Design with a certification program. Now I specialize in easy to use, narrative-based designs. You can find my most recent work in the projects section of my website.

I live in Kochi, India and when I am not working you will find me sketching or reading. I like reading non-fiction especially on the topics such as learning, behavioural science, personal management and cognition.


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