Quinton Pike Reddit OSX App by Quinton Pike

Some design iterations of the upcoming OSX (Possibly Chrome App) I am working on.

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V2 Reddit OSX App

December 05, 2012

Second iterations of the Reddit app, larger images and the caption box below them is no longer transparent. Titles are also below the images and the icons for upvotes and comments is a little different. Studio love: http://redlabs.co

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Closeup of the Reddit window

December 05, 2012

closer shot of the window and the buttons.

Reddit osx app I am working on - v1

December 05, 2012

UPDATE: v2 here: http://dribbble.com/shots/844645-V2-Reddit-OSX-App ------- Hey guys, here is the first iteration of the Reddit Reader app I am working on. Attached are 2 HiRes files, 1 is the design without the warped images. I feel...