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by Purple, Rock, Scissors

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Look Alive wallpaper

Back at it in the new year, so stay inspired and look alive! Coffee may be of assistance. Download your wallpaper for any device in the attachments!

January 14, 2014

Sharpen Your Antlers Wallpaper

December's Monthly Mantra is "Sharpen Your Antlers." Take this month and holiday down-time to hone some skills and establish goals for the new year. Your doe...

December 10, 2013

Break for a Breakthrough Wallpaper

November's Monthly Mantra is "Break for a Breakthrough." Get inspired for your AH-HA moment by doing something you love, or not doing anything at all. Downlo...

November 08, 2013

Take the Stairs Wallpaper

Our October mantra is "Take the Stairs." Both physically and metaphorically, make lifestyle and productivity choices wisely! Download your wallpaper here for...

October 04, 2013

Strategy First Wallpaper

Our September mantra is "Strategy First." Download your wallpaper here for any screen or device, for your daily motive reminder.

September 09, 2013