Tag interaction — WEB

March 02, 2018

Hi there, Do you like Garlic or hate it? 🧛🏻‍♂️ Here is a small concept of a tag. You can like or dislike the one particular element and filter the feed with that preference. Feel free to download the source file. Made in Flinto fo...

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500+ followers [Principle Freebie]

February 20, 2016

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. You can grab this little prd file to see how it was made (btw i replaced the font to avenir next, because of licence). And see the video for better quality :) Have a nice weekend!

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Promocodez animation

Promocodez Loading Animation [Freebie Android App]

January 21, 2016

Hey guys, Here is a little app for this site PROMOCODEZ. I created it last autumn, but they decided not to do it in that way. I decided to share this app with you. See real pixels and video for better quality You can grab Sketch fi...


Unlimited lives [Principle Freebie]

December 02, 2015

Hi guys I did design for one game about a year ago. And for this game drew some icons and illustrations also, these two have not been used. I decided to do some quick animation in Principle and give this file to you. Watch video for b...


Draggable Card [Principle Freebie]

November 25, 2015

Hi Dribbble. This is another principle experiment that I did a couple of months ago. Feel free to grab the file (it is a bit messy inside, sorry) See you: 📷 Instagram, 🐤 Twitter, 📷 VSCO


Difficulty [Principle Freebie]

November 16, 2015

Hi guys, This is a small experiment with drivers and scroll in Principle. Feel free to grab the file and see how it made. P.S. It was not difficult 😈


Apple 3D touch [Principle Freebie]

September 09, 2015

Hi dribbblers, while watching Apple's Keynote I tried to recreate some new gesture in Principle. You can grab file here . Have fun :)

008 dribbble musixmatch musicid

Musixmatch Music ID — Principle

August 25, 2015

I really love Musixmatch. Especially Music ID feature. I tried to recreate it in Principle. 🔮 Here is a link to source file P.S For a better view, please watch the video. 📹 See you: 📷 Instagram, 🐤 Twitter, ➿ Behance